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Book Name Monstrous Regiment
Pages 496
Genre , , , , , ,
Size 44MB
Author Terry Pratchett

Download Monstrous Regiment authored by Terry Pratchett. With 496 pages, this Fantasy, Fiction, Humor, Comedy, Science Fiction Fantasy, War, Audiobook, book is 1.2MB in size, promising an enlightening read.

About Monstrous Regiment

Polly Perks joins the Discworld army to find her brother Paul. “Ozzer” cuts off her blonde braids, dons male garb, belches, scratches, and masters macho habits – aided by well-placed pair of socks. The legendary and seemingly ageless Sergeant Jackrum accepts her plus a vampire, troll, zombie, religious fanatic, and two close “friends”. The best man for the job may be a woman.

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